Writing, recording, and follow-through in April

HopeFullyBrief: Stray thoughts about process, family, and a life well-lived. Keeping it hopefully brief.

Hi there,

April isn’t cruel at all, just busy:

● Regarding my new play for the Dramatists Guild End of Play challenge, I was on a roll the first week of April. Then it took me two more weeks to figure out what my play was really about. It was delightful to discover the play that way, but my pace has been glacial for most of April. Happy to share I am halfway there! This week is full-steam ahead: I will finish this thing by the end of the month no matter what!

● I stayed up much too late on a Thursday night and edited the first few minutes of my one man audio play, The REConciliation. I may re-record a few lines but overall, I feel much better about my performance than I did last year.

● Reworked the branding of cruzfolio.com to align with the Arts Calling and Coalition brand identities. I’ll be sharing more of that on social media as best as I can. Fully committing to my analog aesthetic, let’s go!

● My Steinberg interface gave out so I am now using my Zoom L8 as my desktop interface, which means I am now doing interviews with a Rode Procaster in my booth. I am digging into the presets, so bear with me as Arts Calling may sound a little different for a while, hopefully for the better.

● coalitionworks issue number 3 will be coming out in early May, just so we don’t rush anything. Stop by
coalitionfordigitalnarratives.org to check out previous releases!

I’m trying to get more sleep, so I apologize if I am slow to respond. I am not in my 20s anymore and I don’t want my brain to give out.

Hope you’re well.