Audio play progress and 2 links to inspire creatives

HopeFullyBrief: Creative process, family, and a life well-lived.

Last night I put in a few hours of work editing the REConciliation. I am nine minutes into the play, out of 30-40 minutes, and it’s phenomenal to see it come together. I still have to add effects and do the sound mix, but the editing needs a lot of care right now. The pace of the dialogue may be the key to elevating the urgency of my protagonist’s perspective. Listening to myself act, playing several roles, reminds me of high school: when I would work on solo performance pieces for Speech & Debate competitions. There’s a unique craft to creating a story that maximizes one’s potential. I am thrilled to be exploring my limits as an actor with this play.

Thanks to Noam Kroll, I’ve been diving into the work of South Korean filmmaker Hong Sang-soo. I want to apply some of his approach on a project sometime down the road.

After my wife listened to the audiobook, I felt compelled to revisit Orwell’s Animal Farm. Then, as I went down the rabbit hole, I learned Ralph Steadman did the illustrations for the 50th anniversary and they are just as amazing as I imagined:

So stop what you’re doing and go listen to the audiobook asap!

Go make a dent. Much love.