Status Report

Okay, here’s what’s going on…

This weekend, I started part I of an episodic audio play series for the whole family about VapoRub, cyborg abuelitas, and evil corporations. I feel quite good about it. It may make the lineup for the coalition audio plays. Not sure. Used it for an application today. It was a delightful exercise to create short audio work with brown characters that worked in a brief, episodic cliffhanger structure. I’ll let you know if anything comes of this project. Looks promising though.

I’m still thinking about the great time I spent reading scripts for the Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Awards. I’m journaling a bit to explore what I learned from this experience. To be completely engulfed by dramatic writing for about a month was intoxicating, illuminating, and so exciting! I hope to bring a lot of this excitement to the upcoming coalition projects. The future is bright there.

Excited to pick up recording sessions with my pal Dust Jones over at Speer Studio. I feel I can finally resume the new lyrics I’ve been working on for a month.

I’m not recording Arts Calling Interviews this month. Have a few episodes queued up for release, though! December is downtime. And writing time.

I took a break in November. This month, however, I am hoping to submit to a handful of contests, production opportunities, and things I find interesting. I started submitting late in the year, but I’m optimistic the old habit will pick up and guide me into the new year.

That’s it. I’ll probably record some updates this month as well.

Go make a dent. Much love.


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On the day of the Ohio panel, what a blast!