The Arts Calling Podcast

Down to earth conversations about improving everyday life through the artistic pursuit.

Arts Calling is a podcast to celebrate creatives across disciplines and cultural backgrounds, but also a case for the arts as the gateway to empathy, healthy lives, and strong communities.

Writer Jaime Alejandro catches up with friends and artists in various artistic disciplines to hear their origin story, how to overcome real-world hardships, and why it is essential to remain true to an artistic calling. We hope you join us in this celebration of the creative pursuit!

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Let’s talk about your beginnings, the work you bring to life, and how we can serve this world with our creative calling!

Join me on the podcast!

I can’t wait to have conversations with people making art in the visual, written, and/or performing arts: Creatives from small towns, from the nooks and crannies of the world, artists who have leaned into their art through times of hardship and have become stronger for it. I’m a Mexican raised in Wyoming, so I’d love to promote artists of color, creatives living the immigrant experience, and outsiders making art because their soul demands it. Let’s connect!

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