Our Kid’s Asleep Podcast #49 – Lessons from ACX Work, I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

Hello all!
Today we’re dropping some lessons learned about our foray into audiobook narration, specifically, about a tough lesson we learned working through ACX.

Also, Madd just finished reading Michelle McNamara’s I’ll Be Gone in the Dark. A thrilling look at the search for the Golden State Killer!

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The Writing Record Podcast 12.7.20 – Walk the Talk, Self-Champion, My Debut Poetry Book!

Hello all! Welcome to The Writing Record, a creative journal in podcast form where I share lessons I am learning along the way as a working class creative. I am here to write, record, and remind you that I believe in you and your work. This month has been tough, but I am walking away with some fundamental guidance to become more effective as a writer and creative collaborator. If you don’t want to listen, here’s the gist:

1. Walking the talk is way harder than I thought, but doing it is pure joy, especially when you commit to helping others with their creative work.

2. Champion yourself. Believe in what you have to offer and say. Don’t be like me and half ass things for years. You are built to share your art with the world.

Also check out my debut poetry Collection, Flame to the Watering Hole! https://www.amazon.com/Flame-Watering…

Make art, make haste. Much love,


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Creative Drive Podcast #42 – 3 Poems by Alexander Limarev

Hello all! Today we feature the work of Alexander Limarev!

1. Did the little boy exist?

2. I am alive

3. Predestined

About the Poet: Alexander Limarev, freelance artist, mail art artist, curator, poet, photographer from Siberia / Russia. Participated in more than 900 international projects and exhibitions. His artworks are part of private and museum collections of 64 countries. His artworks as well as poetry have been featured in various online publications including UNDERGROUNDBOOKS.ORG, BUKOWSKI ERASURE POETRY ANTHOLOGY (Silver Birch Press), NOKTURNO.FI, StyleBlueprint, TUCK MAGAZINE, ANGRY OLD MAN MAGAZINE, CALIBAN ONLINE MAGAZINE, GALLERY & STUDIO ARTS JOURNAL, MAINTENANT etc.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/alexander.li…

Blog: http://parallels2000.blogspot.com/201…

Now accepting 3 poems or flash fiction! https://cruzfolio.com/you/

Acepto poesia y relatos cortos en español! https://cruzfolio.com/fuerza-creativa/

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Creative Drive Podcast #41 – Daniel Damiano, Poems from 104 Days of the Pandemic

Hello all!

On this week of gratitude, I’m delighted to share 3 poems by Daniel Damiano, from his poetry collection, 104 Days of the Pandemic. This collection provides us a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the emotions of the pandemic through an assortment of delicate and ferocious moments captured daily since March. Thanks for sharing your work with us, Daniel!

About Daniel: Daniel Damiano is an Award-winning Playwright, Screenwriter, Actor, Poet and Novelist based in Brooklyn, NY.  His plays have been produced in many areas of the U.S. as well as London, England and Sydney & Melbourne, Australia, and his poetry has been published in Crooked Teeth Literary Magazine, Newtown Literary Journal, New Voices Anthology, Cloudbank and HotMetal Press.  He has been nominated for Pushcart Prize for Poetry and was a Finalist for the Arts and Letters Prize in Drama. His acclaimed play, “Day of the Dog”, was published in 2018 by Broadway Play Publishing.  In 2020, he completed his first novel, “The Woman in the Sun Hat”, as well as a book of poetry, “104 Days of the Pandemic.”

For more information, please visit www.danieldamiano.com

Now accepting 3 poems or flash fiction!

And accepting Spanish submissions too!

Our Kid’s Asleep Podcast #48 – Belly Button Stones, Thanksgiving Woes, Audio Updates!

Hello all!
So let’s talk about three things real quick:

  • Have you heard about belly button stones? Maddie tells us all about it. And Jaime can’t stand it.
  • Want to hear about the upcoming shitstorm that is Thanksgiving during COVID season? You don’t have a choice, here are a few thoughts on the matter.
  • And to end on good news, we’d like to share a few updates on our audio projects. Lots of fun stuff coming soon!!

In case we don’t talk to you this week, enjoy this time, reflect, and stay safe.
Much love,



Ahren + Jaime

A Duet of the Bizarre and the Abstract

est. circa 2001

I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Ahren since High School. This person, this peculiar and inventive theater kid made such an impression on me as I tried to find my footing in those days. There is no doubt in my mind my creative life would be catastrophically duller and unfulfilled if it weren’t for this incredible human being. Whenever I look back on how we started our creativity, I discover new eureka moments that still inform how I collaborate and make art today. Ahren has always been a true hyphenate; a tech theatre guy, performer, musician, designer and curious creative soul. From our early days performing interpretive duets at Speech & Debate tournaments in high school, or acting at our Shakespearean finest our Senior year, to really committing to a long-distance songwriting collaboration with our band For The Benefit, we learned to trust each other and pushed to ask bold questions of each other. Since then, Ahren has become a brilliant set designer, visual thinker, and multimedia artist for the stage. I am so wowed by his work that it’s so rewarding for me to have experienced his progression from such an early time of exploration. Time flies, and so here we are, almost two decades later, continuing such a wonderful friendship that inspires me more by the day to bring my best to my work as well.

Thank you for all you’ve given me and all you continue to bring to my life, dear friend.


A short while ago, we rekindled our creative interaction with a flashback project I thought could use another stab. A final stab. In 2005, I wrote a story song about a character named Prometheus, a robot with an existential dilemma to solve. Back then, the version I did left a lot to be desired, and I didn’t get around to creating the visual component needed to fully flesh out the character. So looking back, I thought, this could be a good starter project for Ahren and I to freely explore and design without expectation. I hope to bring more details to this page as developments arise!

Much love,



  • 2005: I wrote the song in 2005 based on a childhood character of mine called Captain Condor, who was a loyal robot betrayed by humans and left to ponder his dramatic purpose. I eventually recorded the song and released it under the Cultured Animal album, “Headphone Music for Nowhere People.”

  • End of 9/2020: Ahren and I had a few chats to discuss potential short form projects.

  • 10/2020: Settled on [Poor Prometheus], a robot’s tale that would give us a strong visual for Ahren to play and build upon.

  • 11/2020: The 2005 recording of the song leaves a lot to be desired. I recorded the vocals on my old eMac (hella old and you could hear my AC going too, jfc). Re-did the vocals in early November after finding the original garage band files. Reached out to my musician friends Dane and Dust to potentially record a new bass line and add completely new arrangements to the existing synth, vocals, and beat. We’re working on that now!

  • 11/23/20: Ahren send me the first minute of rough animation. The pacing, the look, and overall tone of the piece are set. Ahren’s a visual master and you will be able to see his unique point of view on full display with this piece!

  • December 2020: Sporadic communication due to holidays. Dane, like a musical machine, took the original surviving tracks from garage band 2005 file and really swung for the fences, in the best possible way. So thrilled for this reinvention. Ahren created more layers to capture the look of the world and character. First team meeting scheduled for January.

  • Early January: Just met today via Zoom. It was a complete joy of mine to bring two best friends of mine from two different parts of my life to collaborate on this project. We discussed the roadmap to get this beast done, and Ahren will be working on completing the rough visuals to better prepare the sound mix and musical arrangements. Really getting a sense of the gravity and intensity of these two talents coming together to bring this character and world to life. Can’t wait for everyone to see this!


Just a few songs for old times’ sake…


Cruz + Jonez

A collaboration a long time coming.

I met Dust during my time at Casper College, what seems like ages ago. He has always been a figure of inspiration in my life, and looking back, I realize how fortunate I am to find myself collaborating with him now. We’ve been trying to start an EP album, with Dust providing his epic guitar playing skills for us to build on (there is really no other way to do this, Dust playing guitar is a supremely inspiring thing). Most of this summer has been a stop and go endeavor, but we’ve been in touch about what kind of songwriting collaboration we want and what is most pressing on our minds. The idea of loss was a constant in our conversations, as Dust lost a friend to suicide last year. Things of such gravity need to be synthesized, and he felt he wanted to honor his friend in this way. With our first single, Black Road, we used a demo of Dust’s as a building block, and I challenged myself to write a story for that recording. When I first heard the track, I knew we could use it as a starting point to capture some of the emotional hardship Dust experienced.

Dust in the studio. In his element.

It happened very quickly, but right now, it’s exactly what we need to get back to creative ways. Sometimes, we shouldn’t overthink the work. It’s our job to do. This recording was exactly what we needed to jumpstart the collab, and now we’re in the process of hashing out the next one! We’re hoping to get back to our Village Inn brainstorming breakfasts to figure out the next creative project. For now, long distance collaboration via email will have to suffice.




  • 11.14.20: Dust sent along an idea to start working on lyrics for our second song. The demo is about minute or so, but strong enough that I can start writing to. Once we have something, we’re going to invite our pal Dane to give us an extra boost. Great sounds unfolding!
  • 11.21.20: Wrote up some lyrics I really like based on Dust’s demo. Tentatively calling it “Cerulean.”
  • 11.22.20: Quick discussion with Dust re: album goals and getting the word out. We’re hoping to have four more songs by the end of the year, and pass on some things for our friend Dane to join the fray. Discussed other song ideas and the possibility of a streamed performance early next year. Also, we probably have to change the collab name to add Dane. Sucks to get a new name, but quite psyched to keep the momentum and bringing a new friend. But so far so good!
  • 12.21.20: December was a month of long days at work for both of us, but we have continued our back and forth. Dane got us his version of Black Road, which was sick. We’re hoping to record some live sessions and so once we have three or four more songs, we’ll be capturing some performances. Worked on a few lyrics for Dust, and we’re emailing off and on about the music part (which I happily entrust to Dust because he’s a musical machine). Wish us luck!


The Writing Record Podcast 11.6.20 – Expectations and setbacks

Came down with something early last week and it derailed my podcasting plans. Feeling a bit better, so here’s this week’s show a few days late!

On this one I’m talking to myself about being accommodating to my awesome friends/collaborators, the perils of shifting expectations, and once again, project no budget setbacks. You know, the stuff working class creatives have to deal with.

Much love,



Creative Drive Podcast #40 – 21 Minutes Ticked by J. Alejandro

Hello all! Trying out some video for the Creative Drive Podcast! Here’s a short story I wrote a few months ago, I’m working my way back into writing fiction, so here it goes! If you’re a writer with a day-job, I’d love to know what you’re up to and how you’re holding up in the throes of every day chaos. Submit your poetry and flash fiction today and I’d love to share it on the podcast! Send in your short works today!

Much love,


The Writing Record Podcast 10.19.20 – Letting family down, and how to learn from it

Hey all! I recorded this on Friday 10.16.20 because the schedule was a little wonky, but alas. I’ve had a week of deep thought and realignment. Have you ever felt like things were going swimmingly only to realize things are actually the opposite of that? This week has reminded me to never forget my North Star, my family, over work or art. Things are good, but I can do better.

Be honest with yourself and own up to your shortcomings so that you can fix them. Mine is time management. I can’t serve myself, my family, or my friends/collaborators this way and I have to work harder at it.

Much love,


This is where we collaborate: https://idlewy.blog/the-writing-record/



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