7.6.20 – Videotape play complete (again)! And lessons learned from poetry

  • I talk about this old script I brought back from the dead and submitted to a competition. You learn a lot about how far you’ve come when you actually look back.
  • Poetry collection in its final stages! And the emotional lessons of not sharing anything.

Keep sharing your art. We need it now more than ever. Much love,



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Videotape, or Lupe at the End of the World. A play I dug up from the grave to submit to a competition last week. There’s life in it still!

6.8.20 – Poetry Chapbook Progress, Billy Collins Masterclass, Back to Charlie Bird

a podcast about doing the writing and recording thing.

  • Poetry Chapbook Progress. I took this week to gather my poems to put together a chapbook to self-publish. It was time.
  • Billy Collins Masterclass. Thank you Billy Collins for existing and for sharing your wisdom.
  • Back to Charlie Bird. The children’s book will be my main priority now that I got a week off from it.

I recorded this minutes after I woke up this morning, I may have to go back and listen to what I said.

Much love,


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The Writing Record

Journal entries disguised as audio recordings of writing sessions, self care, and working class creativity.

Now that Creative Drive is exclusively a podcast about sharing the work of creatives out in the world, I remembered I still need an outlet to help keep me accountable. So I started a thing. Sometimes you need to hit the record button and vocalize the challenges ahead, as well as the victories. This is my self care. Some episodes will be shared here, others will not be. Either way, it’s okay. This will be The Writing Record: Journal entries about my writing process, emotional progress, and other projects.

You can listen if you like, but nothing’s required. Much love,


CD31 – Raconteur by Mark Gordon

Creative Drive: A Podcast to Showcase Indie Storytellers + Creatives

Hello all! Today we feature the poetry of Mark Gordon!

Mark Gordon is a novelist and poet who grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His poetry has appeared in numerous literary journals in the United States and Canada. He is presently living in Toronto.

“Raconteur” was recently published in Gravitas, edited by Andrew Lafleche. Please check out this wonderful literary magazine! https://andrewlafleche.com/gravitas-poetry

Visit Mark on Twitter for updates on his latest work, and on his website http://www.markgordonauthor.com/ Thank you for your sharing your work with us, Mark!

If you’d like to hear your short works of poetry, flash fiction, and dramatic writing on the podcast, submit your short work today!

Don’t be idle, make art! Much love,


Affirmations 4.17.20 (and now accepting poetry, flash fiction, and monologues for podcast readings!)

  • I need to hear poetry in my life again, and be a part of it. I want to recite it and make it a part of my daily life. I’m longing to perform and use my voice and have fun! I’m firing up a new phase of the Creative Drive Podcast to offer a new space for collaboration: Let me recite and narrate your short works! I will be offering poetry, flash fiction, and monologue readings on the pod, I just need your help! This is an affirmation of my soul. A labor of love. A chance to get to know you and your work, one short piece at a time. Send me your work!
  • No matter how tired I am, I am pushing myself to write again. I finished my lyrics this week, and this weekend, my writing project is to hash out the second half of my mockumentary script. I just need ten more pages. It’s doable. It just got scarier in my head because of how long it’s been since I scribbled on a page. Writing gets scary when you get away from it for a while. For me, writing has always been a cocktail of fear, laziness and distraction. I am tackling laziness by doing. I am tackling distractions by making a list and checking it twice. I am tackling fear by taking baby steps into the dark. I will fight this. I will get it done. I will overcome. It’s no big deal. It’s getting to be fun, and less of a chore. You can do it too!
  • Adjust as much as possible. The scales have balanced this week from a busy workload to copious servings of creativity. I’ve gotten a lot done, but now feel as if I could be there for my family more. Even in quarantine, there is emotional distance to overcome. I will try to make my way back to a healthy balance, thinking of new activities and fun things to do as a family.
  • Music that heals and inspires. On my way home to listen to the new Fiona Apple album. Looking forward to this.
  • Haircuts are important. I understand now.

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OKA Podcast #36 – Mrs. Maisel, Circe, and The Invention of Lying

It’s go time:

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A script is upon us.

It begins! After stumbling for a couple of months on a direction for the script. I got a story backbone I really like and am moving forward with a draft! It felt like this took forever!

Initially, the plan was to do scene cards and create a more straightforward outline for the script. This script, however, is not linear. It is a three pronged narrative that, if executed properly, will have additional points of view supporting or countering the main perspectives. I am super excited because the fun is going to be in the subversion of expectations and leading a reader/viewer in multiple directions.

As an experiment, I recorded my one hour writing session late last night and narrated the process of starting this script. It was super informative for me because it helped me think out loud, and vocalizing so much of these creative thoughts is at the core of many writing setbacks. It’s like we need to materialize an idea before we can actually do something with it!

Given the nature of the script and how many surprises it has in store, I won’t be publishing the videos anytime soon, but it gives me a great idea to start using livestream to document the process or to bring others along with me. I think that would be a lot of fun! For the time being, I’ll focus on this draft!

Much love,