Send me your short works!

I’d love to feature your work on the Creative Drive Podcast! Creative Drive is all about believing in our stories and getting them out there, while delivering a recording of great quality for you to share with your fans, family, and friends! Don’t be idle, make art!

Currently focusing on:

  • Poetry! Up to three poems please.
  • Sudden Fiction or Flash Fiction, no longer than 2,500 words.
  • Dramatic Writing such as Monologues and 10 minute plays with small casts.
  • Original Songs! Send your recordings or audio experiments!
  • I am partial to immigrant stories and works from underrepresented communities. I’m here for you!
  • The stuff you believe in but couldn’t find a home. I’d love to take a look!
  • Racist works, senseless violence, NSFW content will not be tolerated.
  • I have tried reading erotic works in the past but I blush too much and giggle excessively, so I can’t help you there, sorry!

While I won’t be able to compensate you, I offer you a high-quality, professional recording of your reading at your request, for you to use for marketing and other purposes. You retain the rights to your work, so let’s get the word out! This podcast project is a labor of love and has now become a welcoming platform to showcase collaboration and working class arts advocacy.

I would love to hear from you!


If you prefer email, please feel free to email your submission to

creativedriveshow (at) gmail (dot) com


CD51 – The Bard of Frogtown by A. Whittenberg Creative Drive

Hello all! Today we present The Bard of Frogtown by A. Whittenberg! ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A Whittenberg is a Philadelphia native who has a global perspective. If she wasn’t an author she’d be a private detective or a jazz singer. She loves reading about history and true crime. Her other novels include Sweet Thang, Hollywood and Maine, Life is Fine, Tutored and The Sane Asylum. Support this writer here! — Creative Drive is an international podcast produced by J. Alejandro to bring visibility to poets and writers from all walks of life. If you have a sec, please subscribe and review this labor of love, your support would help us tremendously! Now accepting 3 poems or flash fiction! Acepto poesia y relatos cortos en español! For more information about the podcast, visit
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don’t be idle. make art!