Cultured Animal

Cultured Animal was an artist collective. It was active from 2008-2015, originally established to create new music and video content for the web.

Its major projects were the music-video film Nowhere People, the mini web-series The Tumble: In Pieces, and four albums.

 It is a skin I shed.


A Film Impersonating a Web Series

All episodes on Youtube!

A mysterious video-chat from Kelly, a cart-pusher selling his car, and a job hunter named Hanna taking her quest for employment to questionable heights, come together in this weird entanglement of fragments, along with other dubious characters desperate to catch a break in the fictional small town of Idlewind, WY. They also want to be invited to Stacy’s Divorce Party. Based on stage plays by J. Alejandro.


A Music Video Film

Now available on Youtube!

Nowhere People is a music video film about a group of old band mates also living in Idlewind, who come together to rehearse for a weekend gig. Through their music, they take us on a journey about passions, failure and wanting to be someone in life. This was our epic summer project after college.


A Discography

Now on Soundcloud!

Four albums tracing the musical path of the band featured in the film, Nowhere People. These were song cycles, additional story songs, and fun recordings I wrote to provide a little more background for these characters. These people have been constant providers of joys and heartbreaks, but they did give me a couple of good songs here and there.

Common Room

A Short Film

Written & Directed by J. Alejandro.

Starring Tim Brandt and Marco Lago.

Cultured Animal Sessions

A Creativity Showcase

Shot a handful of episodes of this web series during my time in Seattle.

Older Stuff

Additional Artifacts

Miscellaneous stuff.

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