Cultured Animal

Cultured Animal was an artist collective. It was active from 2008-2015, originally established to create new music and video content for the web.

Its major projects were the music-video film Nowhere People, the web-series The Tumble: In Pieces, and four albums.

 It is a skin I shed.

The Tumble | A web series

A mysterious video-chat from Kelly, a cart-pusher selling his car, and a job hunter named Hanna taking her quest for employment to questionable heights, come together in this weird entanglement of fragments, along with other dubious characters desperate to catch a break in the fictional small town of Idlewind, WY. They also want to be invited to Stacy’s Divorce Party. Based on stage plays by J. Alejandro. Remastered version coming soon!

Nowhere People | A Music Video Film | Student Feature

Nowhere People is a music video film about a group of old band mates living in Idlewind, who come together to rehearse for a weekend gig. Through their music, they take us on a journey about passions, failure and wanting to be someone in life. This was our epic summer project after college.

Miscellaneous Works | Old Stuff

The Cultured Animal Sessions

A creativity showcase. Shot a handful of episodes of this web series during my time in Seattle.

Common Room | Short Film

Written & Directed by Jaime Cruz | Starring Tim Brandt & Marco Lago

The Cultured Animal Discography

Four albums tracing the musical path of the band featured in the film, Nowhere People. These were song cycles, additional story songs, and fun recordings I wrote to provide a little more background for these characters. These people have been constant providers of joys and heartbreaks, but they did give me a couple of good songs here and there.

don’t be idle.