Jaime Cruz Samples

I’ve gathered a number of my favorite designs from my video production business, freelance work, and some promotional materials from my time as Business Representative at Dept. of Workforce Services. I have designed and published independent works, crafted marketing plans as needed, and managed a variety of website content for the State of Wyoming and for personal projects. I produce podcasts as a means to practice my public speaking. I create and maintain websites to teach myself new things. I write and collaborate as often as I can in my spare time because it makes me a better problem-solver and contributor wherever I go.

Here are the most recent websites I have created and currently manage:

All of the samples featured below have been created with Adobe applications.

Given my abilities in audio/video production, I can’t help but share the latest project I spearheaded as part of a Workforce Services strategy to increase public awareness about our WIOA Program (also created with Adobe software for purposes of public information, strategy, and promotion). I wrote the script, coordinated production, and edited this video. It has now been approved for all WIOA case managers statewide to educate potential applicants in their communities about this wonderful opportunity.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Jaime Cruz | 307 377 2782 | jcruzwy@gmail.com