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A short podcast recorded in my basement, at lunchtime, and sometimes in the car! I want to document my progress as a working class creative, test out strategies to be more productive, offer short readings, and quick pep talks to get through the day-job. Creative Drive is all about believing in our creative work and getting it out there! Make art, make haste.


Where I learn to be a working class creative. Here you will find how a working class creative seeks to find order and possibility in a world that pushes creativity to the fringes. It is indeed possible to find balance, come check out musings on creativity and short works (poetry, monologues, stories).


Once the kid’s in bed and parent duty is complete, J and Maddie finally sit down over a glass of wine to discuss the news, social media, and other pop culture shitshows! All from the perspective of tired parents trying to find a few minutes to spare at the end of the week. Special thanks to Dust Jones at Speer Productions for making this podcast possible!


For the past year, I have been working on prompts to jump-start your creativity on my own. I have them on Instagram under the hashtag #icprompts. Hope they help, get creative!