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Creative Drive Podcast #53 – A Flash Memoir by Miriam Sagan

Happy Thursday!Today we are thrilled to present A Flash Memoir (Lebensborn, Avrum, Pandemic) by Miriam Sagan! ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I’m Miriam Sagan, poet and writer. I founded and now run the creative writing program at Santa Fe Community College. Most recent books are MAP OF THE LOST (UNM Press) and SEVEN PLACES IN AMERICA (Sherman…More

Creative Drive Podcast #52 – 3 Poems by Linda Imbler

Hey all! Happy National Poetry Month! Let’s get back on track with 3 wonderful poems by Linda Imbler! Gray to Black Ensorcelled Within the Moonlit Eyes of P’aqo A Backyard Incident in St. Louis ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Linda Imbler is the author of five paperback poetry collections and three e-book collections (Soma Publishing.) This writer…More

Our Kid’s Asleep Podcast #53 – HBO’s Close Enough, toilet floods and bad dreams, Maddie’s audiobook!

Welcome to Our Kid’s Asleep Podcast, where we tink our glasses to three topics in pop culture, the news, and other shit shows! Apple •RadioPublic•Google•Stitcher•Castbox •Spotify •Podlink Hey friends! Back to podcasting! Trying out our new mixer and we have some stories for you after a very exciting March! We also cover HBO’s Close Enough!…More

Gratitude and humility in my on-going efforts to reclaim my Mexicanity.

I was reminded by the Google doodle of the work of Zitkala-Sa, the great Yankton-Dakota writer and political activist who had a birthday a few days ago. I inadvertently threw myself down the rabbit hole of Native American suffering in the Old West. After all, I live where tragedy was once a way of life:…More

Inner Dialogue about Kubrick Bone

We can now see the surface of Mars as if we stood on its rusted sands. I saw this beautifully stitched 360 panoramic shot of Mars by the Perseverance rover. How maddening that we can’t see our own humility in the distance between our planet and our red neighbor? How fucked up is it we…More

Note to Self 2.16.21

Welcome to another episode of thinking out loud: Priority number one right now is getting Erin’s monologue squared away. I have a clear breakdown in my mind of the structure, but I’ve yet to go back to our shared document. I’m hung up on that familiar feeling of not knowing the specifics about a character’s…More


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