Our Kid’s Asleep Podcast

Tired parents tackle 3 topics to raise a glass to. …Or Something.

Once the kid’s in bed and parent duty is complete, J and Maddie finally sit down over a glass of wine to discuss the news, social media, and other pop culture shitshows! All from the perspective of tired parents trying to find a few minutes to spare at the end of the week.

Special thanks to Dust Jones at Speer Productions for making this podcast possible!

Our Kid’s Asleep Podcast #62 – LuLaRich Doc, HBOs The White Lotus, Generation Wealth Documentary

Once the kid’s asleep, Jaime and Maddie sit down to podcast over a glass of wine to tink their glasses to three things: Movies, TV, and/or pop culture nonsense. It’s a mixed bag and we love it. This is Our Kid’s Asleep Podcast! Hi friends, here we go: LuLaRich, a documentary about the meteoric rise…More

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Our Kid’s Asleep Podcast #57 – Earth on Fire, Mortal Kombat, Summer Plans

Apple • RadioPublic • Google • Stitcher • Castbox • Spotify • Podcast Addict • Podlink Hi friends! Here’s what we got today: World on fire Mortal Kombat movie Summer Plans Hey, want to support the show? We got SWAG like a bunch of sellouts! More designs coming soon! If you want to help other…More

Our Kid’s Asleep Podcast #56 – Madd busted her back, Bluey, and WE GOT MAIL!

Apple • RadioPublic • Google • Stitcher • Castbox • Spotify • Podcast Addict • Podlink Hey there!Let’s tink to three things! Maddie busted her back and we had a family bonding weekend over disaster movies. Have you seen Bluey on Disney Channel? And goodness gracious we got mail! Let’s see what your listeners got…More

Our Kid’s Asleep Podcast #53 – HBO’s Close Enough, toilet floods and bad dreams, Maddie’s audiobook!

Welcome to Our Kid’s Asleep Podcast, where we tink our glasses to three topics in pop culture, the news, and other shit shows! Apple •RadioPublic•Google•Stitcher•Castbox •Spotify •Podlink Hey friends! Back to podcasting! Trying out our new mixer and we have some stories for you after a very exciting March! We also cover HBO’s Close Enough!…More


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