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Videotape or Lupe at the End of the World​

2F, 4M / Multiple Settings, Simple Set

Winner, NWDC/NPA Playwriting Competition

Videotape follows a group of tormented individuals as their lives collide on December 31st, 1999. Hours before the new millennium enters, an illegal hotel maid named Lupe is on the verge of getting her son back. To do so, she must save her failing relationship with Jared, a construction worker with a short fuse who lusts after Kay, the disturbed college dropout who survives her suicide and finds spirituality in Tim, a man-child pizza delivery boy who is terrified of women. Amid the Y2K madness, pizza deliveries, and adult films on VHS, they just might find their place in the world before time runs out.

Toxic Fallout at Stacy’s Divorce Party

Many People / Multiple Settings / Insanity

Staged Reading, Relative Theatrics

Stacy’s friends are throwing a party for her because she’s getting a divorce, even though the Latter-Day Saint part of her cringes at the prospect of celebrating. As the night goes on and the merriment spirals out of control, Stacy will come face to face with her Old Love, her Mormon friends dueling her non-Mormon friends, dance-crazed strangers, a cacophony of house-party minglers, as well as a sewer Raccoon named Madison, who’s a really good confidante. The divorce papers still need a signature, but Stacy must listen past the festivities if she’s going to truly listen to her heart.

The Thoroughly Preposterous Adventures of Juan Limón​

4F, 4M / Multiple Settings, Simple Set

*Brace yourself: requires cardboard and some assembly!

The play follows Juan Limón, an inventive ten-year old boy, who sets out on an epic quest from Mexico to America and beyond in search of his estranged father, and to prove to his mother he’s not a ‘fraidy cat. Accompanied by Gabriel, his Mexican Wrestler Doll/confidant, Juan ventures on his odyssey with only one clue: a mysterious flower pendant his father left behind. Along the way, his imagination provides fantastical foes, talking animals in the desert and even intergalactic revelations. But nothing will prepare him for the battle between the imagined and the reality up ahead, as well as the sacrifices a brave young boy must endure in the name of adventure and the fight against fear.

The Fortune of Hypocrites

2F, 4M, 1 Flexible / Single Set

Inspired by the Greek tragedy Heracles by Euripides, the dramedy is set in a working class restaurant kitchen in remote, small-town Wyoming. Nate, an unassuming Mexican- American dishwasher discovers a life-altering truth about his father on the busiest night of the week. Over the span of one Thirsty Thursday evening, badgered by foul-mouthed servers and dough-slingers, Nate will give it his all to retain his heart, morals, and sanity by the end of the shift. The tragedy has been transposed to this pedestrian setting to illustrate, through pity and fear, the desire for human beings to abuse one another, our ongoing quest for a better place in the social hierarchy, as well as greed’s grasp over the desperate. And there will be pizza.

Scavengers Descending​

4M / Single Set

(The play was previously known as Scavengers in the Mother of Chaos: A Descent into Meta-theater)

Sean and Neil work at a liquor store. Neil is smitten by a beautiful older woman named Kate Ellington. Sean has been chasing Kelly, an elusive coworker. They drink on the job. They shamelessly babble about one-night stands and sexually transmitted diseases. They are the lowest of the low, unfit protagonists living a mundane existence, until the fabric of their world begins to unravel at the seams of meta-theater. A real protagonist is needed and someone must rise to the occasion. There’s severe drinking and electrocutions. The search for purpose and identity is a wild ride.

Quebradita: Three Episodes

2F, 1M / Single Set

Part Medea, Part Chekhov: Quebradita is the story of a Mexican family in small town Wyoming clutching desperately to its values and failed dreams. Consuelo, a mother grieving over the loss of her father, has been tougher than usual on her family. Consuelo’s teenage daughter Valeria, however, is far more interested getting permission to go to the Back to School dance; while Alberto, her father, drinks in secrecy and throws money away on a long-shot horse at the local racetrack. A fake ID, a leap out a second story window and an unemployed womanizer named Ramiro lead this family to an evening of secrets revealed, and a devastating realization that perhaps they are better strangers than kin.

Señor Nothing Goes to the Prom

A Cautionary Tale for our Modern Times
4M, 2F (2 Offstage Voices) / Multiple Settings, Simple Set​.

This unforgiving satire centers on Javi, a Guatemalan high-schooler who gets his head bashed against a locker for saying things he shouldn’t have about America. Wyatt and his buddy Adison are eager to retaliate, scheming to make a fool of Javi.  Prom is fast approaching. And so is vengeance.


​Cuarto # Cuatro (Room # Four)​

2F, 1M / Single Set
Winner, NAPAT National Playwriting Competition
KCACTF Region VII One Act Winner

Mai, a young Mexican girl and her ailing Mother Antonia are locked in a room like animals. They have to get out. Guided by her mother and Santo Toribio Romo, the Patron Saint of immigrants, Mai will uncover the truth about their entrapment, along with her own troubled past.

Dead in the Kitchen

2F, 2M / Single Set

Finalist, KCACTF John Cauble National One Act Award

KCACTF Region VII One Act Winner

A story about guilt, family and PB&J sandwiches. Dan hasn’t slept in weeks. He’s about to become a father and his wife April doesn’t know what to do with him. Upon his brother Mike’s soaking wet arrival, disturbing news about someone’s death come to light, hurling Dan head on against the haunting dilemmas of insomnia, broken promises, and family commitment.

MAIZE! A Play on Words​

1M, 1F / Single Set

An absurdist theater piece about two humanoids at the beginning and the end, quarreling about a can of corn. Trapped in a wasteland, the two must learn to deal with one another and ultimately grapple with their fading traces of humanity and death. Read the piece here.

Parched Catholics​​

2M, 2F / Single Set

Nick and Jefferson’s mother just died. Nick’s more concerned about his Protestant girlfriend, Jefferson can’t poop, and their mother was kind of a jerk. As they discover their mother’s final wishes in the form of a bottle of Aquafina, these two are forced to tolerate each other and together confront irritable bowel syndrome, Catholic guilt and the very woman they called mother.

Shooting Stars and Threesomes

3M, 2F / Single Set
​Invited to The Last Frontier Theater Conference

Film Adaptation directed by Daniel Rojas

One man’s lust for happiness instigates his own downward spiral of twisted memories, sex and poor customer service.


The Inherited

Semi-Finalist, Screamcraft Horror Script Contest

Nowhere People

Written & Directed by J. Alejandro. Produced by Jason Niedbalski & Jon Hallowell at the University of Wyoming

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The Tumble: In Pieces

Written & Directed by J. Alejandro

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