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Creative Drive Podcast #42 – 3 Poems by Alexander Limarev

Hello all! Today we feature the work of Alexander Limarev! 1. Did the little boy exist? 2. I am alive 3. Predestined About the Poet: Alexander Limarev, freelance artist, mail art artist, curator, poet, photographer from Siberia / Russia. Participated in more than 900 international projects and exhibitions. His artworks are part of private and…More

Creative Drive Podcast #41 – Daniel Damiano, Poems from 104 Days of the Pandemic

Hello all! On this week of gratitude, I’m delighted to share 3 poems by Daniel Damiano, from his poetry collection, 104 Days of the Pandemic. This collection provides us a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the emotions of the pandemic through an assortment of delicate and ferocious moments captured daily since March. Thanks for sharing…More

The Writing Record Podcast 11.6.20 – Expectations and setbacks

Came down with something early last week and it derailed my podcasting plans. Feeling a bit better, so here’s this week’s show a few days late! On this one I’m talking to myself about being accommodating to my awesome friends/collaborators, the perils of shifting expectations, and once again, project no budget setbacks. You know, the…More

Creative Drive Podcast #40 – 21 Minutes Ticked by J. Alejandro

Hello all! Trying out some video for the Creative Drive Podcast! Here’s a short story I wrote a few months ago, I’m working my way back into writing fiction, so here it goes! If you’re a writer with a day-job, I’d love to know what you’re up to and how you’re holding up in the…More

Creative Drive Podcast #38 – My Dear Ellie by Aisha Urooj (novel excerpt)

Hello all! Today we feature a novel excerpt from Aisha Urooj’s My Dear Ellie! Check it out! Aisha Urooj lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and graduated with her Bachelors from University College, University of Toronto. She grew up loving classic books and getting lost in the intriguing characters and compelling stories. She writes mostly as…More