I’m writing poems on my lunch break and whenever I can throughout the day. I’m tired of feeling like there’s not enough time in my waking days. I am tired of castigating myself as the speed of life reaches out to me with rolling hills, human absurdity, chaos in the micro and macro, love and laughter. The day is a field of reeds and its whistles are metaphors, characters, rainwater, feelings, opinions, heartbreak and heartswell all scaled in the cosmic and the slight. It’s all there. Nothing is mundane. Embrace the absurd. Love the quotidian. I am hopeful I can gather a few of these poems by Summer 2021 and create a little chapbook. We’ll see what happens (there’s some old poetry at the bottom of the pile). Much love,


flame to the watering hole

Jaime’s debut poetry collection, now on available Amazon!