The Writing Record

Writing Sessions and Other Notes in Podcast Form

I have been writing and devising stories since I was eight years old. I think it’s about time to assess my progress. In order to become a better writer, I have to ask myself what works and what hasn’t worked for me all along. Come along as I discuss my process, capture my writing sessions, and problem-solve out loud, in an effort to learn more about the writer I am and the writer I want to become. It’s like a writer’s journal, but recorded!

(Special thanks to my pal Dust Jones with for his audio production guidance and support).

The Writing Record Podcast 4.30.21 – Scary Stories Documentary, and an extemporaneous rant about how Spectacle and Theme converge

Hi there, I am working on an interactive audio drama, so I was thinking of spectacle this week. Specifically, I was thinking of how its tools can help us create works that are timely and thematically important, while providing a point of entry for a general audience. Does the magic and wonder help us tell difficult stories? I liked thinking…More