Who the hell is this?

My name is J. Alejandro. I write and record. I’m sending a creative signal from the WY prairie in many forms. My plays have received productions at the University of Wyoming, Evergreen College, Rain City Projects/Annex Theater and the Las Vegas Little Theater, as well as readings at the Seattle Repertory Theater Poncho Forum, the Last Frontier Conference in Alaska, and the American College Theater Festival at the Kennedy Center. I’ve also worked on theater for your audiences commissions for the University of Wyoming and the Casper Children’s Theater. I’m looking for ways to maximize my days to better enjoy my family and creative pursuits, and to advocate the for the arts as the key to unlocking everyday empathy.

Stop by the NOW page to see what I’m currently working on.

Feel free to look around, and say hi if you’re a working class creative!

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I’m a Mexican-American scribe from Wyoming. I write plays, and love collaborating with creatives as much as I love producing no-budget projects. I look for the truth of the world around me in little big stories. I like the surreal, the unlikely, the divine showing up in the ordinary. I am a working-class artist. I come from a family of Mariachis and hardworking women. I write about that, and I write about things I want to learn about. Early on, I found myself thinking about cultures clashing in a land of sagebrush and cowboys. That’s why I write stories that humanize The Other. We need them now more than ever. My work has been informed atinidad in this beautiful state I call home. I write because I want to show an audience what we have in common, regardless of race, class or what side of the border we started on. I would like to keep doing this, even if the world keeps telling me to stop. Make art, make haste.


  • NAPAT National Playwriting Competition
  • Semi-Finalist, Screamcraft Horror Script Contest
  • Winner, NWDC/NPA Playwriting Competition
  • Finalist, KCACTF John Cauble National One Act Award
  • KCACTF Region VII One Act Winner
  • KCACTF Region VII One Act Winner


  • University of Wyoming B.F.A. (Playwriting & Directing)
  • Casper College A.A. (Theater Performance)
  • Invited to development opportunities at Last Frontier Theater Conference, UNLV, Northwest Playwrights Alliance, and others.
  • Additional Workshops from Jose Cruz Gonzalez, Sean Clark, Gary Garrison, Jocelyn Clarke, and Migdalia Cruz, among others.


What the hell is this?

Long ago, I wrote about a place called Idlewind, WY. I go there to be creative.

I started Idlewind to instigate artistic projects in my community with friends/collaborators, and to encourage working class artists elsewhere to believe in their creative projects and see them through.

Check out the Instagram Prompts @idlewindwy and get writing!

Working class creatives, what are you up to? Send me a message!

Make art. Make haste.