Welcome! Here’s a mixed bag of poetry, musings on creativity, and project updates!

Rest Week

As an essential worker, I’ve been working in a complicated and stressful work environment for five months. It’s been incredibly rewarding to try to help people in difficult situations, but like the entire country, I am exhausted. I am tremendously grateful that I am still employed during this unsettling…More

Bag, etc.

I saw that bag from the American Beauty movie, and it is still as magical as ever. And when I felt my breath disappear in one hard gasp, I couldn’t tell if I was crying because of how beautiful it was, or because I live in a landfill. jMore

Status Report 7.19.20

So here’s the latest from the working class creative who wants to find more time and progress: The Master List is Working! (Back in Mid-May, I wrote down all the projects I have been postponing, and decided to tackle them one at a time!) It’s early. Very early. But…More

some grief poems appear en español.

All of us go Suddenly and thorned When the favors end do not cry, when we are absent at the table — Fine Danube, and how far, from my humble colors, how is it that these directions we have arrived to, and already far along, resentful? If I was…More

Midweek 6.16.20

My office plant, weakened by excessive air conditioning in the office building, came home with me last week. Convalescence in the guest bedroom. On my writing desk. Its new home. I am so fortunate to collaborate with Wyoming Dance Arts, a tremendously talented group! Check out their Wyoming Dance…More

5.29.20 (office poem)

a fluster: the office moth trapped by curtain and glass flutters confused, directionless desiring a landscape it cannot breathe we both see and concede, yet vacant the door to the leftMore

5.27.20 – Progress. New Writing Record Episode.

I talked it out at lunchtime and recorded the third episode of The Writing Record! It’s not so much a podcast, but me documenting my writing process to better examine what my approach is. The first project I’m discussing on it is my children’s book named Charlie Bird. I…More


these aches we bleed out to welcoming river mouths lashes of water jMore

Two hours.

I put my phone away at 9pm. My loved ones in bed and resting. I roamed my house in darkness and felt the comfort of each floor as the roar of the wind was only heard, like a hum. I cataloged my blank journals, and admired the paper quality,…More

Belief and Relief 5.7.20

I wrote a monologue today. 3 handwritten pages is enough to boost one’s confidence. If you’re bored, pick a location in your town and set your monologue there. That’s what I did and it worked quite well today. Last night, I watched The Patriot, starring Mel Gibson. It was…More

Little things: My new journals are coming…More

New OKA Episode + Weekend Thoughts

Do yourselves a favor and watch the Alejandro Sanz documentary on Netflix. I was hoping for some background noise while I worked on some projects at home, and that was a horrible mistake: It was wonderful and I got nothing done! Low-key, this man has been a massive influence…More

Cosmos Eventually (A Postponed Project Complete)

I made peace with this heart that longs for you across valleys of heaven and light and cosmic radiation. And the things I’ve done, I may come to regret, but going rogue with a ship weighs heavy even in space. … And I ask myself why love has led…More


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