Welcome! Here’s a mixed bag of poetry, musings on creativity, and project updates!

Inner Dialogue about Kubrick Bone

We can now see the surface of Mars as if we stood on its rusted sands. I saw this beautifully stitched 360 panoramic shot of Mars by the Perseverance rover. How maddening that we can’t see our own humility in the distance between our planet and our red neighbor? How fucked up is it we still sit here throwing our bones at one another while a cosmic voyage can lead us to realizing our great human transgressions? I wish desperately to transcend. To become an astral being with infinite wisdom and clarity fit to know these unseen, untainted landscapes. I…More

Note to Self 2.16.21

Welcome to another episode of thinking out loud: Priority number one right now is getting Erin’s monologue squared away. I have a clear breakdown in my mind of the structure, but I’ve yet to go back to our shared document. I’m hung up on that familiar feeling of not knowing the specifics about a character’s field. Their pursuits. While I am fascinated with our generation’s obsession with purpose and purity of fulfilment, I find myself grasping at straws for the details. I just have to be okay writing a shitty outline so I can see it on paper. Then Erin…More

The Writing Record Podcast 1.29.21 – Sustainability and a pep talk for times of hesitation

Back at it again. Moving forward with audio only versions of these ramblings. I meditate on my hesitation to keep growing the Write/Rec Lab. I am relieved to vent about this, because I don’t want to let any of my collaborators down. Sometimes, if you take on too much, you need accept breaks. I may record this again to get to the point faster, so definitely don’t listen to this. This is actually a rambling I’m proud of, so I’m going to let it live out here in the open.But before you go, just remember I believe in you and…More

Starting off on the right foot.

An update on what’s going on at the Write/Rec Lab! Where did January go? I’m still unpacking 2020 and was supposed to be getting my shit together. Here’s what we have been working on this month: Talked to Erin yesterday, we’re going to work on an audio monologue perhaps about yoga and the elitism, cultish nature of the industry, and other quirks. Will create google doc for us to start fiddling around. Will be an interesting challenge to create something aurally enticing, at the same time highlighting her insane talent as a performer. Custom monologue and new production challenges, here…More

The Writing Record Podcast 1.4.20 – Lessons from 2020, Friendship, and onward we go!

Hi everyone, I recorded an episode last week but I hated doing it on my phone (now posted on youtube), so here’s a better recap of 2020, what I’ve learned three months into the Write/Rec Lab, as well as some words of encouragement to any of you about to start on your creative journey.Let’s kick ass this year! Much love, j Check out https://cruzfolio.com/the-writing-record/ to subscribe and review the podcast, I would greatly appreciate it! J. Alejandro on Twitter @jwriterec!More

The Writing Record Podcast 12.14.20 – Question Workflow, Splitting the Week, Bond with the Fam (Video)

Hello friends! If you don’t want to watch, here’s what I was reminded of this week: This week I challenged my workflow. It is hard to impose or question the way you do things, but being objective is half the battle. Break the week apart to see what you can get done on certain days. This may vary depending on your work schedule. Read to your partner. Have them read to you. Build something with your kids. Much love, j Let’s connect! https://www.instagram.com/writerec https://cruzfolio.com/the-writing-record/More

Rough Drafts and My Debut Poetry Collection!

I was inspired by a tweet shared by writer Susana Ramirez (previously featured on Creative Drive!). We needed to incorporate these three things: Crib, Tree, Shoe. I had to solve the puzzle. I had to make a narrative around it. So I scribbled together a flash fiction story! Thanks for allowing me to gather the pieces into something exciting! I went down the youtube and podcasting rabbit hole and found some tremendous guidance from Seth Godin. Loved this recent interview where he dropped some knowledge on working out our craft in the open. I succumbed to Audible and got us…More

The Writing Record Podcast 12.7.20 – Walk the Talk, Self-Champion, My Debut Poetry Book!

Hello all! Welcome to The Writing Record, a creative journal in podcast form where I share lessons I am learning along the way as a working class creative. I am here to write, record, and remind you that I believe in you and your work. This month has been tough, but I am walking away with some fundamental guidance to become more effective as a writer and creative collaborator. If you don’t want to listen, here’s the gist: 1. Walking the talk is way harder than I thought, but doing it is pure joy, especially when you commit to helping…More

Ahren + Jaime

I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Ahren since High School. This person, this peculiar and inventive theater kid made such an impression on me as I tried to find my footing in those days. There is no doubt in my mind my creative life would be catastrophically duller and unfulfilled if it weren’t for this incredible human being. Whenever I look back on how we started our creativity, I discover new eureka moments that still inform how I collaborate and make art today. Ahren has always been a true hyphenate; a tech theatre guy, performer, musician, designer and curious…More

Cruz + Jonez

A collaboration a long time coming. I met Dust during my time at Casper College, what seems like ages ago. He has always been a figure of inspiration in my life, and looking back, I realize how fortunate I am to find myself collaborating with him now. We’ve been trying to start an EP album, with Dust providing his epic guitar playing skills for us to build on (there is really no other way to do this, Dust playing guitar is a supremely inspiring thing). Most of this summer has been a stop and go endeavor, but we’ve been in…More

The Writing Record Podcast 11.6.20 – Expectations and setbacks

Came down with something early last week and it derailed my podcasting plans. Feeling a bit better, so here’s this week’s show a few days late! On this one I’m talking to myself about being accommodating to my awesome friends/collaborators, the perils of shifting expectations, and once again, project no budget setbacks. You know, the stuff working class creatives have to deal with. Much love, j https://cruzfolio.com/the-writing-record/More

The Writing Record Podcast 10.19.20 – Letting family down, and how to learn from it

Hey all! I recorded this on Friday 10.16.20 because the schedule was a little wonky, but alas. I’ve had a week of deep thought and realignment. Have you ever felt like things were going swimmingly only to realize things are actually the opposite of that? This week has reminded me to never forget my North Star, my family, over work or art. Things are good, but I can do better. Be honest with yourself and own up to your shortcomings so that you can fix them. Mine is time management. I can’t serve myself, my family, or my friends/collaborators this…More


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