Welcome! Here’s a mixed bag of poetry, musings on creativity, and project updates!

Gathered 6.14.21

An assortment of content recommendations, project updates, and observations from a working class creative. I have signed out of social media on my computers and my phone. I am struggling. I am out of the loop. An interesting realization that most of our time is spent on consumption, not…More

Inner Dialogue about Kubrick Bone

We can now see the surface of Mars as if we stood on its rusted sands. I saw this beautifully stitched 360 panoramic shot of Mars by the Perseverance rover. How maddening that we can’t see our own humility in the distance between our planet and our red neighbor?…More

Note to Self 2.16.21

Welcome to another episode of thinking out loud: Priority number one right now is getting Erin’s monologue squared away. I have a clear breakdown in my mind of the structure, but I’ve yet to go back to our shared document. I’m hung up on that familiar feeling of not…More

Starting off on the right foot.

An update on what’s going on at the Write/Rec Lab! Where did January go? I’m still unpacking 2020 and was supposed to be getting my shit together. Here’s what we have been working on this month: Talked to Erin yesterday, we’re going to work on an audio monologue perhaps…More

Rough Drafts and My Debut Poetry Collection!

I was inspired by a tweet shared by writer Susana Ramirez (previously featured on Creative Drive!). We needed to incorporate these three things: Crib, Tree, Shoe. I had to solve the puzzle. I had to make a narrative around it. So I scribbled together a flash fiction story! Thanks…More

Ahren + Jaime

I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Ahren since High School. This person, this peculiar and inventive theater kid made such an impression on me as I tried to find my footing in those days. There is no doubt in my mind my creative life would be catastrophically duller…More

Cruz + Jonez

A collaboration a long time coming. I met Dust during my time at Casper College, what seems like ages ago. He has always been a figure of inspiration in my life, and looking back, I realize how fortunate I am to find myself collaborating with him now. We’ve been…More

SEEK: A New Short Film!

Our entry for the #myrodereel2020 short film competition! A man in a forest, tortured by flashes of war and the joy of a child, must overcome his own demons and find a clearing before it’s too late. Co-Directed by: Anthony Stengel and Jaime Cruz Written by: Jaime Cruz DP,…More

Bullet Points 10.7.20

Setbacks is the name of the game this week, but I am feeling good nonetheless. Using bullet points moving forward because it is faster, I can share my victories/updates, and it forces me to confront my failures and see where I need to improve. So far this week: I…More

Children in Cages.

Separated children at the border. I think of them often and there they remain. It’s been so long for them, they will not remember their parents’ faces, if they see them again. We are lost. Horror cotidiano.More

Music and Bootstraps

(and a new outlook) I’ve been thinking a lot about how to get out of my head. New songs help. As we all know, the year has wreaked havoc and has us punching ourselves in the head from the inside as we wrassle with fight or flight. Anyone? Maybe…More

Rest Week

As an essential worker, I’ve been working in a complicated and stressful work environment for five months. It’s been incredibly rewarding to try to help people in difficult situations, but like the entire country, I am exhausted. I am tremendously grateful that I am still employed during this unsettling…More

Bag, etc.

I saw that bag from the American Beauty movie, and it is still as magical as ever. And when I felt my breath disappear in one hard gasp, I couldn’t tell if I was crying because of how beautiful it was, or because I live in a landfill. jMore

Status Report 7.19.20

So here’s the latest from the working class creative who wants to find more time and progress: The Master List is Working! (Back in Mid-May, I wrote down all the projects I have been postponing, and decided to tackle them one at a time!) It’s early. Very early. But…More

some grief poems appear en español.

All of us go Suddenly and thorned When the favors end do not cry, when we are absent at the table — Fine Danube, and how far, from my humble colors, how is it that these directions we have arrived to, and already far along, resentful? If I was…More


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